Located in the heart of Florida’s Research Coast, the Tradition Center for Innovation is a research and development park where everyone is committed to the innovation life cycle.  This commitment has cultivated a collaborative environment ideally suited for companies and organizations that want to conduct life science research AND that are focused on advancing research from the laboratory to the market.

TCI’s anchor institutions—including the Torrey Pines Institute for Molecular Studies, the Vaccine and Gene Therapy Institute Florida, Mann Research Center and Martin Memorial Health Systems—actively map out new ways to make research easier and help members advance discoveries through the pipeline to commercialization.  At TCI, we accelerate life sciences.

TCI is located in close proximity to prestigious R&D organizations, including Scripps Florida, and  the Max Planck Florida Institute that came to Florida to partner with the state’s premiere universities and research institutions. TCI’s momentum has attracted the attention of leading scientists and physicians as well as entrepreneurs who drive the creation and growth of life science companies.

TCI offers its tenants signature architecture and an attractive, campus setting where laboratories and medical production facilities are only minutes away from shopping, restaurants, hotels, schools, daycare, recreation and a wide range of residential options.

TCI is the only research park of its kind with the capabilities to swiftly develop and produce a commercialization pipeline. Looking ahead, TCI anticipates that manufacturers will gravitate towards Florida as our flourishing R&D sector, delivering even more commercial technologies. The legislative and economic environment is already in place to encourage that growth. TCI is the place to make it happen.

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