Home Town Cable TV Plus

Tradition may draw its inspiration from those warm and welcoming neighborhoods of days gone by, but its services and amenities are as new and forward-thinking as today’s latest technology. One example is our community fiber-optic network and services provided by Home Town Cable. Unlike many fiber optic networks that stop at each resident’s property line (“fiber to the curb”), Home Town Cable has installed in Tradition a fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP) system that provides greater reliability, decreased maintenance, increased bandwidth to each home, and the highest available performance for transmission of HDTV broadcasts.

This advanced network also provides Tradition with Home Security devices that respond to window and door intrusions with an alarm 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. As with the Basic Cable and High-Speed Internet service, the alarm service is included in the monthly homeowner fees provided that at an additional expense a landline telephone line from Home Town Telephone or from an independent VOIP provider such as Vonage will be needed to provide third party monitoring of the alarm system.

Many homeowner insurance companies offer discounts on their premiums to homeowners with third party alarm monitoring.

Home Town Cable also offers additional services such as telephone and additional tiers of cable service including Video on Demand (VOD). The above description is a summary. For additional information, please contact Home Town Cable directly at 772-345-6000.